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    Xingpu is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical parts for commercial vehicle and passenger vehicle, we have a vast range of products include central electrical system, fuse holder, automotive switch, automotive relay etc.

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    Central Electrical System

    central electrical system is a box with automotive relays, automotive flashers, automotive controllers and fuses, it’s a electrical center that controls different electrical parts in vehicles.

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    wiring box

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    Automotive switch

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    Automotive Relay

    automotive relays were originally designed for use in automotive applications. They are used in the most varied applications, include Starting motors, Wiper motors, Fan motors, Cooling fans, Headlamps, Electric window mirrors, Fuel pumps, Horn and many other uses.

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    Automotive Flasher

    automotive flasher is use to control the flashing of turn signal light, hazard light and indication light of car, truck and other vehicles.

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    controller unit

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    Fuse Holder

    fuse holder is use as a circuit protection device in vehicles’ electrical system, its function is overcurrent protection.

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    diode is use as a switch in commecial vehicle circuit and resistor is play the role of voltage divider or current divider.

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    urea tube

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  • Warmly congratulation our company website change a version success!
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